Precautions for the use of magnets

- Apr 10, 2018 -

1., during the use of the magnet, we should ensure that the workplace is clean, so that no fine impurities such as iron scraps can be absorbed on the surface of the magnet, which will affect the normal use of the product.

The 2. neodymium iron boron magnet is suitable for storage in a ventilated and dry room. The acid, alkaline, organic solvent, water and high temperature and humid environment can easily cause corrosion of the magnets, and the coating will fall off the magnets to demagnetization. For non electroplated products, we should pay more attention to oil and rust protection when storing. This is also the main reason why we suggest that the surface of NdFeB magnet is anticorrosive.

3. the magnet should be kept away from the magnetic field sensitive objects such as magnetic disk, magnetic card, magnetic tape, computer monitor, watch and so on, and the electronic medical instruments such as cardiac pacemaker should be far away, otherwise it is very dangerous.

4. magnets are hard and brittle materials. In the course of transportation and installation, the magnets should be ensured not to be subjected to violent impact. If the method is improper, it is easy to cause damage and crack of the magnets.

5., magnets should be shielded under magnetizing conditions, especially for air transportation.

When the 6. operation is assembled, we must take care of one by one to avoid the damage of the phase suction bump and prevent the flying debris from the magnet to enter the eye and cause harm to the human body.

7. because Nd-Fe-B is very strong magnetic, the operation should avoid the other parts of the hand or body to be trapped by magnets, and more attention should be paid to the safety and protection of the larger size of the magnet.

8. magnetic magnets (neodymium, boron and samarium cobalt) should not be put together with magnetic magnets (al, Ni, CO and ferrite), especially in the opposite direction, otherwise the magnetic weakly magnets are easy to demagnetization.

9. please don't put magnets to the hands of a child can reach the place, to avoid eating children

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