How is the magnet made and stored?

- Nov 16, 2018 -

   The material from which the magnet is made is an iron substance. As we said before, there are many small magnets inside the iron material, so as long as there are magnets around them, the small magnets inside the iron material will be arranged in the same direction and eventually become magnets.

   Now, let's take a look at the method of making iron into a magnet.

   First, a nail is repeatedly rubbed on the magnet. Remember to rub the nails in the same direction.

   Only then can the small magnets in the nails point in the same direction and become magnets.

   After the nail is turned into a magnet, the iron is attached to the magnet with strong magnetic force, and the magnetic force generated in the nail is maintained for a long time.

   If there are many nails attached to the magnet, the nails attached to the magnet will become magnets.

   After the first nail attached to the magnet becomes a magnet, the second nail is attached to the first nail, so that the second nail that is adsorbed becomes a magnet again, and then the third one is adsorbed. Iron nails.

   When the nail chain is extended to a certain extent, the other nails can no longer be hung up due to the weakening of the magnetism.

In this way, the nails become magnets and are lined up in a row. Of course, the more the nails are hung behind, the weaker the magnetism.

The reason why the tape cannot be placed next to the magnet

   A tape is an acoustic device that stores sound with magnetic substances. In other words, there are many small magnets inside the tape, and these small magnets achieve the effect of recording and playback by repeatedly switching directions.

   If the tape with the sound is placed next to the magnet with strong magnetic force, the small magnet inside the tape will point in the direction of the magnet, and the contents recorded in the tape will be erased. Therefore, it is best not to place a magnet next to the tape or videotape.

   The black magnetic strip attached to the passbook or credit card is the same. All information on the passbook and credit card is stored inside the black magnetic strip. If you put a passbook or credit card with a magnetic magnet, all the important contents will be erased and will not be used.

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