How to correctly understand the defect detection of NdFeB

- Feb 14, 2019 -

Correct understanding of the defect detection of NdFeB is conducive to objective understanding of this new detection technology. Can check five major types of appearance defects

Appearance defects are produced in the production of NdFeB. For example, product cracks occur in the sintering process. Edges and scratches are produced in the slicing or logistics process, while sand holes and pittings appear in the plating process. defect:

A, cracks (including cracks, cracks, etc.)

B, pitting (including pitting, pockmarks, bubbles, scars, slag layer, partial over-thickness, electroplating)

C, trachoma (including sand holes, pores, pinholes, particles, etc.)

D, scratches (including scratches, line marks, knife marks, etc.)


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