How to cut ferrite magnets

- Jul 25, 2018 -

1. Use electric wire cutting, or ordinary cutting machine.

2. The ferrite magnet itself can only be processed by its outer diameter and thickness magnet steel factory, but it cannot be divided. If the original magnet factory is divided, the performance will change, and the weak magnetic phenomenon will occur. The outer diameter and thickness of the cutting magnet are performed. Most of the processing is water-grinding, and the appearance will change after processing, but the original shape will not change.

3. Ferrite magnet is a permanent magnet made mainly of SrO or BaO and Fe2O3. Ferrite magnets are hard and brittle and have lower magnetic energy than other permanent magnets. However, it is not easy to demagnetize and is not easy to corrode, and the production process is simple and inexpensive. Therefore, the ferrite magnet has the highest output in the entire magnet industry and is widely used in industrial production.


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