How to enhance the magnetism of the magnet

- Oct 23, 2018 -

If it is a magnet, please take a piece of magnetic magnet on the original magnet and cut the magnet wire straight (ie, you can't rub it back and forth). In general, an electrical magnet can recover magnetism after dozens of times.

There is another method that is more complicated. It uses a coil to magnetize the magnet. I didn’t understand the motor magnet at the time. I don’t dare to talk nonsense. If you want to know, you can take a look at Baidu.

It is best to remove the magnet and re-magnetize it. Pay attention to polarity when charging, don't reverse it. Otherwise, if you change a magnet, it would be risky to put the entire phone on the magnetizer.

40 years ago, the method of charging, capacitor charging, pulse discharge magnetization.

If the magnet is saturated, there is no way to increase it.

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