Problems to be paid attention to in mini sound maintenance

- Apr 10, 2018 -

The mini stereo is smaller and smaller. This kind of sound is usually made of plastic plastic or Bo Jinshu. According to this point, we should try not to place in the place of direct sunlight when we use it, not to place some sundries on the sound, so as to avoid the distortion of the sound shell.

When you use mini audio, you also need to pay attention to ambient temperature. The normal ambient temperature of the stereo is at 18 C ~45 C. Too high temperature will reduce the sensitivity of some parts of the sound, such as electron tube.

When you use this kind of stereo, you need to know more about the above sound maintenance knowledge.

First: attention switch when this kind of sound is maintained

Some split mini audio devices should follow the rule from the front to the rear when starting the machine, that is to start the CD player and other main speakers, and then open the sound unit.

First, turn off the sound unit and turn off the main source.

If the mini audio is connected with a simple amplifier, the amplifier should be closed first when the switch is shut down, so that the amplifier can cause excessive impact current and damage the audio.

When you turn on the power, you should turn the volume switch of the power amplifier to the minimum, so as to avoid damaging the speakers in a loud instant.

The order of audio switch is very important. Knowing these is helpful for sound maintenance.

Second: when using this kind of sound, we should pay attention to warming up before adjusting the volume.

For the sound fancier, this point should be understood. When we use it, you should keep the volume to the maximum when you do not start the machine, so it may cause damage to the sound.

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