The main differences between active buzzer and passive buzzer are:

- Jul 12, 2018 -

The main differences between active buzzer and passive buzzer are:

1. The fundamental difference between an active buzzer and a passive buzzer is that the product has different requirements for the input signal.

2, the ideal signal for active buzzer operation is DC, usually standard

Shown as VDC, VDD, etc. Because the buzzer has a simple oscillating circuit inside, it can convert the constant direct current into a pulse signal of a certain frequency, and the magnetic field is transformed from the surface to drive the molybdenum sheet to vibrate.

3, but some active buzzers can work under certain AC signals, but the voltage and frequency of the AC signal are very high. This mode of operation is generally not used.

4, while the passive buzzer does not have an internal drive circuit, some companies and factories

Known as the sounder, it is called the sounder in the national standard. The ideal signal square wave for passive buzzer operation. If the pre-DC signal buzzer is not responding, the molybdenum sheet cannot vibrate because the magnetic path is constant.


  • Suction Type DC Electromagnet
  • Non-washable Magnetic Buzzer
  • N35 NdFeB Disc
  • Ring Plastic Injection Magnet
  • Guitar Pickup AlNiCO Magnet
  • Cabinet Door Ferrite Magnet

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