The position and role of rare earth NdFeB in the national economy

- Apr 10, 2018 -

Material is an important material basis for social progress. It is a major sign of human progress and a milestone in the progress of entry into society. Throughout the history of human development, we will find that the discovery and extensive use of any new material will improve the ability of human transformation to a new level. NdFeB magnetic materials in functional materials have been highly valued since ancient times. As early as third Century B.C., the natural magnetite was used in the manufacture of Si Nan. The compass was magnetized by the steel needle in the Song Dynasty, which provided the key technology for the development of navigation.

NdFeB is a kind of functional material with important influence. It has been widely used in the fields of transportation, energy, machinery, computer, household appliances, microwave communication, instrument technology, electrical engineering, automation technology, automobile industry, petrochemical industry, biological engineering and so on. Its dosage has become a national comprehensive national strength and country. One of the important signs of the economic development level of the people is one of the foundations of the lawsuit industry now. Some people put the invention and application of semiconductor integrated circuits to the modern information industry with a complete brain. Then the application of rare earth NdFeB magnets gives the modern information industry a powerful wing for walking limbs and wings to fly.

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