What are the factors affecting the price of NdFeB magnets?

- Feb 28, 2019 -

 Influential factors one, the number of wholesale is different. The price of wholesale NdFeB magnets is generally affected by the wholesale quantity. If it is really a large quantity to purchase, the natural unit price is also slightly lower, but only a small amount of products, the unit price is still slightly higher. . Therefore, before we wholesale, we must also determine what type of equipment we need, and the specific quantity is so that we can know which one is more reasonable.

         Influencing factor two, the manufacturer's ability is different. If we choose to cooperate with a large manufacturer, then the other party's offer is certainly slightly lower, but the demand for the wholesale quantity is relatively high. So if we really want to buy such a magnet in large quantities, we should still find a manufacturer with strong production capacity and can provide us with many services. Manufacturers with strong production capacity have a slightly lower cost and are more suitable for us to choose.

         Knowing the factors affecting the price of NdFeB magnets, it is certainly easier to choose a cost-effective product. There are so many wholesale channels now, we can simply measure it through the network, understand the rationality of each manufacturer's quotation, and then carry out wholesale, which can effectively save us a lot of money.


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