What is the difference between a buzzer and a horn?

- Jan 15, 2019 -

We should be very familiar with the speakers. The earphones that are often used are two small speakers. The radio, MP3 player, and TV stereo are all speakers, and they are speakers of different powers.

The speaker, also known as a speaker, is an electro-acoustic conversion device that converts an analog electrical signal into a sound signal, which is a wide-frequency sounding device.

Buzzer We can often hear the sound of it. There is a computer host. When some memory sticks or graphics cards inside the host are loose, there will be an alarm sound when the power is turned on. This sound is from the buzzer. .

The buzzer is an integrated electronic sounder that emits monotonous sound under different driving waveforms and is a narrow frequency sounding device.

In terms of external performance, the biggest difference between the speaker and the buzzer is that the speaker can emit various sounds, and the buzzer can only emit several monotonous sounds.

From the perspective of the drive circuit and price, the buzzer is relatively simple. Generally, simple sounds such as alarms and prompt sounds have buzzers to be used. It is necessary to use a horn to make complex sounds such as music.

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