Why the materials of Nd-Fe-B magnets are more brittle

- Apr 10, 2018 -

NdFeB magnets can be divided into two types: Bonded NdFeB and sintered NdFeB. Bonding is actually injection molding, while sintering is vacuum pumping through high temperature heating molding. NdFeB magnet is the permanent magnet with the strongest magnetic force to date. The material brand has N35-N52; various shapes can be processed according to specific requirements: round, square, perforation, magnetic tile, magnetic rod, convex, trapezoid, etc. Although these advantages, the surface is easy to rust, so it is usually required for some protective surface treatment: nickel plating, galvanizing, gold plating, epoxy resin and so on. The ambient temperature of NdFeB magnet is below 80 degrees, but there are several kinds of 200 ndfets. It is mainly applied to electronics, electrical appliances, packaging, electrical machinery, toys, leather products, automobile machinery and so on.

1, because Nd-Fe-B magnets are brittle, once they are freely absorbed into the magnet, they will easily damage. Some strong magnets can fly away from 300mm. Of course, the magnet is broken, so we can buy one, but if the fingers are squeezed in or squeezed into the skin, it will be bad. The light put flesh broken, or may have to cut risk. I must not be alarmist. When we touch strong magnets, we must be cautious and cautious, so as not to cause some things that should not be left out.

2, if two strong magnets come together, even if we are not injured or the magnet is not broken. It's hard to separate the two magnets. Of course, small pieces of strong magnets are easier. If the 50mm square magnet or the circular magnet is sucked together and wants to separate them, besides demagnetization or heating demagnetization, they reduce their magnetic separation. I introduce a small method to put one of them on a non iron table to fix the other along the other. In the direction of vertical magnetization, we use wooden boards to press down to make their contact surfaces smaller and smaller, and then separate them.

3, we often contact NdFeB magnets, and seldom wear watches at work, especially mechanical watches. Once they are near the magnetic field, they will be inaccurate. Of course, if it is absorbed with the magnet, it will very likely cause the deformation of the pointer and gear in the watch, and the loss will be greater.

4, besides watches, we often use magnetic cards such as bank cards, ID cards and so on. We must stay away from strong magnetic fields, otherwise we may be magnetized.

5, another point to remind you, when you take a magnet to fly, also be careful, the normal airline people will not let you take the aircraft, because it affects the navigation of the aircraft. Unless you do a shielding treatment. The same is true for transportation. Generally, our magnet or magnetic wheel can only be transported to the customer, but the express company will not take the air transportation.

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