How Can The Buzzer Be Used Not To Be Bad

- Apr 10, 2018 -

Many users pay more attention to the buzzer than the price, but ignore the electric performance parameters of the buzzer. It is easy to cause the mismatch between the buzzer and the PCB board drive line, causing various quality problems. Buzzer matching with PCB board line is the longest and the most difficult way to buzzer life. In the process of using, we should pay attention to the following items.

1., too high welding temperature can easily cause the deformation of the shell of the buzzer, and the loosening of the pins will cause no or small tones.

2., the starting voltage of the buzzer is low or too large, so it is easy to appear the phenomenon of whisper or sand sound when using.

When the 3. buzzer is stored for a period of time, the sound is small and it is used for a period of time. This situation may be the effect of the humid environment on the buzzer, and it needs to pay attention to moisture-proof.

The 4. buzzer will appear tone sandhi or no sound when working on the PCB board, so it is no problem to remove the monomer test. This situation may be caused by magnetic field interference of buzzer.

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