How To Judge The Speaker Box Quality Of The Sound

- Apr 10, 2018 -

The sound and instrumental sound of the tone natural balance sound box should be as close to the original sound as possible. The sound of Hangzhou's professional sound equipment should be smooth and silent, and can not hear a strong sound and a weak sound (peak and valley), and the middle frequency and high tone should not be too loud or oppressed. You can find some music instruments with wide frequency range (for example, piano music) to record, and listen to the change of timbre in low, middle and high steps. .

Sound characteristics

1. Frequency balance

The sound of different frequency bands can be auditioned in turn. The bass you hear should be compact, clear, precise, no buzzing, no muddy or muddy, but more important as the main part of the music, the voice and the instrumental sound should be natural, the details, no sounding or muffled, too bright or too light, the high pitch open, air and delay. Extensibility, no screaming or fading. .

2, analytic force

Listen carefully, can you hear the details of music, such as the decline of cymbal or piano, the hall sounds in concert hall or jazz club. If the low level details couldn't quite hear, it shows a lack of transparency in the speaker. This is also the difference between good speakers and bad speakers. .

3. Transient response

The sound box should be able to reproduce the transient in the music. The sound of beating a drum or a guitar should be strong and accurate, not "surprised", "excited" or "slow" and "slow". In addition, the decline of natural sounds, such as sound and voice of the cymbal "tail", it should be gradually decay and should not be stopped. .

4. Dynamic range

Sound reproduction should be contrasted at low level and high level. Ideally, a sound box should be replayed continuously from the lowest sound to the strongest Orchestra, and it will not allow the silent part to be hard to hear or the loud paragraph. .

5. Sound positioning and sound field (stereo)

Listen to the position of the sound image. Pay attention to whether the instrument or human voice originates from the space's sound field, and the premise is that the speakers must have the correct placement in the room. You can find some mono channel recordings for auditions, and you can also focus on the other properties of speakers. A sound box that has a sound image "disappears" in the sound field, let the listener feel that the music is out of the front of a pair of speakers, and the music comes, the singer seems to be standing somewhere in the middle of the front, singing a song.  .

6. Scattering characteristics

Listen to the different places in the room. You can sit and listen to check the sound scattering in the vertical plane. At this time, the tweet will change greatly. For some speakers, the "emperor position" is only in a narrow range, while some speakers can get good sound location in a wide range. .

7, sound dyeing

Some speakers are defective in voice or voice reproduction, and are also imposed on replaying music. Such as the harsh design of the box, the harsh voice, the high pitch of the metal, the rough or uneven central voice. If the sound is heard in any kind of audio recording, it is sure that the sound box has been added to the top of the replayed music with its inherent noise. Usually, it is more tolerable to miss some voice during playback than to add some previously used music. Some speakers are interested in adding sound dye, such as aggravating some bass components and making the soprano a little brighter, though the sound box seems to be good at first, but after listening for a long time, it will feel tired or even tired, so the sound box is not worth buying. .

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