Problems Needing Attention Before Installing The Speaker Box

- Apr 10, 2018 -

In the purchase of audio equipment, we need not only to buy good sound, but also to pay attention to problems in installation, otherwise it will affect normal use.

First, safety: in the process of assembly and disassembly, it is not possible to damage the original vehicle line and cause short circuit. When the equipment is installed, the line cannot be connected. The installation of equipment should be insured. If there is an overcurrent, it should be protected. If a time bomb is installed, it will be prone to fire. The audio circuit can't interfere with the computer and electronic devices in the vehicle, otherwise there will be a breakdown. Professional training personnel must be installed to ensure safety.

Second, disassembly technology: in the process of reloading the sound, first of all to remove the original car sound, whether or not the disassembly is the fundamental problem of reloading, because now the surface of the dashboard can not see the screw, so it needs to pry open the decorative parts to see the screw, dismantling the operation process requires professional and strict, or otherwise easily dismantled. The second step, need wiring, changing the loudspeaker, it is necessary to disassemble the door, the door, the instrument table, seat, decorative board and so on, in the process of disassembly and disassembly, there must be a special tool, to keep the original intact, otherwise it will be not beautiful and bad seal to produce noise.

Third, whether the product is qualified: now there are many counterfeit brand equipment on the market. We must distinguish when buying, otherwise, there will be endless consequences. Some cheap equipment, from the shape of the quality problem can not be seen, but the internal components are poor quality, the circuit is not in line with the design standards, this equipment is not sound quality, it is easy to fail, and even produce nature. It must be purchased at the authorized shop of the manufacturer, so that it can be used safely.

Fourth. What is the effect of sound quality? Not to buy famous brand products will be good to hear, brand plant varieties are also high, middle, low grade, the grade is not necessarily good to buy, the most fundamental is to be equipped with professional personnel system, installation and debugging, to make good results. It is not a simple matter that several lines connect randomly. The location of sound field cannot be mistaken, otherwise the effect will be unthinkable.

Fifth, consider after service: car audio is used in sports, the environment is a little like temperature, humidity, vibration, dust and so on, easy to make all kinds of faults, maintenance, maintenance and maintenance is a very important problem. Cheap to buy goods, refurbishment and warehouse products, theft machines, etc., the warranty card is false, there is no after-sales service, once the damage needs maintenance fees or scrap, is worth it. Now, the equipment sold in stores is not always expensive. There are many cost-effective equipments, which can enjoy good after-sales service. Why not?

Sixth, installation environment: some small shops are installed in the open air operation, the staff's work clothes are very dirty, the sound is finished, but the interior of the car and the car's appearance is dirty. Buying a new car and changing the audio system is a good thing, but it brings many bad consequences. It's a sad thing. Professional shop is in the indoor operation, its benefits are: clean, ensure the inside and outside of the car clean; not affected by the temperature, the temperature is too low when the disassembly plastic parts are easy to damage; not affected by the weather, windy and rain can work normally; because of lighting, the daytime, black days can work; customers have a good lounge.

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