Six Main Points Of Maintaining The Sound System

- Apr 10, 2018 -

First) the handling of professional audio. Sound equipment is afraid of vibration. In order to avoid the influence of vibration on the playback of the device, businesses also take some measures to avoid vibration. But for mobile devices with large mobility and frequent handling, the vibration isolation measures alone are far from enough. Vibration protection measures are still needed. In addition, it is necessary to check the condition of the vehicle in good condition, whether the truck's box board is flat, the rope is strong, the equipment and the rope, the equipment and the equipment have no protection measures to prevent the extreme handling condition.

Second) the conditions and environment for the use of sound equipment. Any mechanical equipment has a certain working conditions and environment, should avoid the use of machines in very low or very high temperatures; avoid long direct sunlight on the surface of the machine; avoid using the machine in a wet environment to avoid premature failure of the components or the premature rust of the machine; it is necessary to confirm the local power supply before use. The pressure is consistent with the machine. There should be enough space around the machine to facilitate the heat dissipation of the machine and avoid the use of equipment in dust and vibration.

Third) the order of opening and closing the sound equipment.  It is very important for equipment maintenance to set up the turn on and turn off order of sound equipment correctly, and also is the first step for a qualified Acoustic Engineer. If someone is convenient, the total power will be pulled off when the machine is shut down, and the total power will be inserted when it starts. This method seems very convenient, but there are hidden dangers. Because this operation will generate surge current and anti peak voltage, these two shocks will often damage the audio equipment. Most of the equipment damage is generated at the moment of startup or shutdown, and is not damaged during normal operation. Therefore, the correct opening and closing is the basic link to protect the equipment.

The correct opening sequence is: open the machine according to the direction of the sound source signal process, turn on the sound source (card seat, CD, VCD, DVD, MD, etc.), the mixer, the peripheral equipment (equalizer, pressure limiter, effector, exciter, etc.), and the final power amplifier.  The correct shutdown sequence is opposite to the boot sequence: first turn off the power amplifier and then turn off the other devices. In particular, we should pay attention to the 0 turn of the volume knob before the switch, and do not change the working mode of monophonic, stereophonic or bridging randomly.

Fourth) battery detection. The battery on the market many brands, real nanbian. To ensure that the battery does not appear no electricity during the performance, the battery current and voltage are measured with Multimeter before the performance. The author suggests that the brand of alkaline batteries, such as Nanfu, GP, etc. The Nanfu Duracell, the highest price. In addition, it is not recommended to use rechargeable battery, although it is very environmentally friendly, but it is very inconvenient to use, the charge time is too long, the voltage is only 1.2V, can not reach the general equipment requirements of 1.5V. After the end of the performance, the battery in the microphone should be removed to prevent the battery from corroding the contact piece, resulting in poor contact or no electricity.

Fifth) the use of the sound source. Most businesses add a header or select a song catalog on VCD and DVD for publicity, but the printed catalogues are still sorted by the tracks, which shows that the actual location of the catalogue does not correspond to the location of the catalog. How to quickly determine the correct location of the tracks? Method 1: configuring a small monitor. Method two: look at the total number of repertoire when you put it in VCD. At the end of the VCD reading disk, see if the total number of the repertoire is in line with the total number on the disc. If the match is consistent, the required tracks are also in the corresponding position. If they do not agree, the difference between them should be added. If the disc is 19, and the VCD machine displays 20, then the number of the discs on the disc should be increased by 1. This method is not suitable for machines that do not display the total directory after stopping.

Sixth) power supply. If the voltage is insufficient, the receiver and receiver will not work, and there will be some phenomena such as sound drift, sudden increase, small buzz and so on. In the performance of a square, due to the limited conditions, the same line of sound and lighting power. The solution is to first pull off the unnecessary light to reduce the load and fail to work; check the connection of the lines, find the power supply total output port, the zero line terminal is not fixed, one has high current to fire, fixed zero line terminal.

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