The Basic Elements Of Speaker Box

- Apr 10, 2018 -

The sound box on the market is various, but either of them is made up of the two most basic parts of the horn unit (called the speaker unit) and the box. In addition, most speakers use at least two or more of the horn units to carry out the so-called multiplex replay, so the frequency divider is also indispensable. One component. Of course, there may be sound-absorbing cotton, inverted phase tube, folding "labyrinth pipe", reinforced disk / baffle and other components, but these components are not necessary for any sound box. The most basic components of the sound box are three parts: the horn unit, the box and the frequency divider.

1, according to the audio frequency rate, it can be divided into full band speakers, bass speakers and subwoofer speakers. The so-called full band speaker is the audio that can cover the low frequency, intermediate frequency and high frequency range. The lower frequency of full band speakers is usually 30Hz-60Hz, and the upper limit frequency is 15KHz-20KHz. In a small and medium-sized audio system, only one or two pairs of full band speakers can take full responsibility for the playback task. Bass speakers and subwoofer speakers are usually used to supplement low frequency and ultra-low frequency speakers for full band speakers. This kind of loudspeaker is usually used in large and medium-sized audio system, so as to enhance the intensity and the sense of shock of low frequency playback. When used, most of the frequency dividers are divided into a special bass amplifier, and then the bass or the hyper - bass box is pushed.

2., according to the purpose, it can be divided into main speakers, loudspeaker boxes, and listen to speakers.

The main sound box is usually used as the main speaker of the audio system, and it takes the main playback task. The performance of the main sound box has great influence on the sound quality of the whole audio system, and the full band speakers and the subwoofer speakers can be used for playback.

The listening box is used in the control room and the recording room for the program monitor. It has the characteristics of small distortion, wide frequency response and little modification to the signal, so it can reappear the original feature of the program most truly. The listening box is also called stage monitor, which is usually used in stage or dance hall to listen to actors or members of the band to sing or play their own voice. This is because they are in the back of the main sound box on the stage. They can't hear their own sound or the music of the band, so they can't cooperate well or find a feeling, which seriously affects the performance effect. Generally speaking, the sound box is made of a bevel, placed on the ground, which can not only be placed on the stage without affecting the overall shape of the stage, but also let the people on the stage hear it clearly in the sound of the sound, and do not give the sound feedback to the microphone and cause the scream.

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