The Principle Of Magnetic Field Formation Of NdFeB Magnets

- Apr 10, 2018 -

There are many kinds of magnets, which play an important role in the application of magnets. In many fields, we have used magnets. What is the rule of the magnetic field of a magnet? How do smart people use these principles to invent and create more valuable magnetic products? Next, we briefly analyze the magnetic field forming principle of NdFeB magnet.

Magnetic field is invisible to us and can't be touched by hands. But it is true. Because of this, magnetic field has great influence on our life. There is a gravitational field between matter. Is the magnetic field related to the gravitational field?  The answer is yes. The magnetic field is invisible, so we use the imaginary magnetic force line to represent the magnitude of the magnetic field. The more dense the magnetic line is, the stronger the intensity of magnetic field is. Conversely, the intensity of magnetic field is weak due to the sparse magnetic line. How does the powerful magnet play its role in the magnetic field?

The powerful magnets produce charged particles in motion, which are subjected to a force in the magnetic field, thus giving full play to its magnetism in the application, called the lolun magnetic force. This is the principle of the formation of the magnetic field of a powerful magnet. The charged particles are different in the strength of lorlen magnetic force in motion, so the intensity of the magnetic field formed by them is different. In physics, we use magnetic flux density to describe magnetic field. Magnetic flux density has its own unique unit. This unit is called Stella.

We know that a strong magnet is called permanent magnet, then it will not demagnetization. In fact, it is not. The most common factors affecting magnetism of magnets are temperature and oxidation. Therefore, it is not enough to understand the magnetic field principle of NdFeB magnets. We have to protect it from oxidation so that it can play its role.

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